World renowned Chicago artist Alejandro Romero visits Cicero

From the powerful traditions of the great Mexican muralists, to the aesthetics of colored figures on walls in unions halls, schools, and government buildings, circling the world's galleries and museums of London, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Washington D.C., to Los Angeles, on to Bogota, and Buenas Aries, the art of Alejandro Romero meets the pulsing energy of the Latino communities in the streets of Chicago's neighborhoods.

Alejandro Romero is one of Chicago's most well known and most visible visual artists in the world and in the United States Born in the State of Tabasco, near Vera Cruz, Mexico he grew up in Mexico City and was trained at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Art.

Romero's passionate style of powerful colors, and figures of vibrant compositions were influenced in his native Mexico where he was an apprentice of the great giants of Mexico's Muralists, David Alfaro Siqueros and Juan O'Gorman. Continuing his training with Italian masters, and at the National Academy of Art in Paris, Romero stayed committed to his roots of imagery, to the epic of the Mexican muralists, developing his own style of art. Romero made Chicago his home since 1975 but continued to travel the world on mural commissions and exhibiting his work in galleries and museums.

"I would like to thank President Larry Dominick for his support in the arts. I lived in Chicago for many years and I have never seen such support in Cicero for artists and culture until Larry Dominick took office. I enjoyed the Town of Cicero because I see a lot of history here and I see how Cicero contributed to the world's culture. I hope to come back and work on some projects in this great Town. " Said the artist as he took a tour of the Town's Municipal Complex.