Pageant Registration Form

Winner will receive $1,000.00 Cash, fine jewelry and much more in prizes!!


1. - Candidate must be a female of Mexican descent (by one parent or both). Ages between 18 and 23 years.

2 - Candidates must be a high school or college student, and resident of Cicero.

3 - Candidates must be unmarried, with no children.

4 - Candidates must have good moral character. No use of visible body jewelry or visible tattoos on the body.

5 - Candidates MUST show proof of age with official identification using any of the following: Illinois State ID, passport, Illinois driver's license or birth certificate

6- - Applications must be completed and registered on line. Candidates must include along with the application a statement about yourself, goals, career plans, and why you want to be Miss Cicero; & CMCC 2018-19 Queen. You must also include your platform as Miss Cicero. For example: (education, health, safety, early childhood education...etc.)

7 - Candidates must be fluent in English and in Spanish.

8- When applying candidate will make a commitment to participate until the end of contest or until be eliminated by the judges.

9- The Committee and organizers reserve the right for final selection of participants based on interviews and requirements. Only 10 finalists will be chosen to compete for the Señorita Cicero 2018-19/ CMCC Queen Crown on Thursday, September 7, 2018

10. - Inscriptions are NOW opened and will closed on July 24, 2018.

11. – Candidate interviews shall take place on, July 25 & 26, 2018 between 3:00PM and 8:00PM at the Cicero Community Center 2250 South 49th Ave.

12. - Final provisions, awards, as well as the rules of the contest will be given in writing the day of the first interview to all candidates. Candidates will be interviewed by board members of the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee. Good Luck!

Señorita Cicero/ Queen Application 2018-2019

Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee
Thursday, September 7, 2018
Cicero Community Center
2250 S. 49th Ave.
Cicero IL. 60804


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Have you ever been arrested or convicted of any crime? If yes please explain. The Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee reserves the right to conduct a criminal background check on each candidate.

Basic biography will be used only in the program book at the event. Only 10 – 12 applicants will be selected to compete. Interviews for the selection process will follow after the application period is closed. Winner will receive several prizes plus a cash gift, be featured in newspapers, TV and or Radio. Winner will be making public appearances and involved in civic and educational Mexican cultural events scheduled throughout the year. Candidates will follow the rules and responsibilities specified on the “Contest Rules”. A copy of the “Contest Rules” information will be provided at the time of the interview.