My Fellow Residents:

I wish to extend warm greetings to Cicero's Mexican American Community and applaud the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee for sponsoring the many cultural and educational events this year.

Each year, the Cicero Cultural Committee promotes Mexican culture and heritage through an array of celebrations, festivals, parades and community-focused events that showcase an increasing awareness of key historical and civic programs. The Mexican American community has made so many great contributions to our society, not just here in the Town of Cicero but throughout the United States.

These special occasions are opportunities to highlight the many contributions that Mexican Americans have made and continue to make to the cultural, social and economic fabric of the Town of Cicero and our society as a whole.

The Town of Cicero is proud of all of the many ethnic and racial groups that make up our community. We are proud to recognize and share in their culture, events and celebrations. The Mexican American community has much to be proud of. I am especially proud of the activism and the role of the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee. I encourage everyone to join and celebrate in this festivities.

On behalf of the people of the Town of Cicero, and our Cicero Board of Trustees, I wish to offer my best wishes for another successful year of events.


Larry Dominick
The Town of Cicero