About Us

The Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee was founded in 2006, by Frank J. Aguilar, a life long Cicero resident of Mexican descent. Under the administration of President Larry Dominick, the Mexican community has prospered, and has received tremendous support when organizing cultural, educational and civic events in the Town of Cicero.

The Town of Cicero having the largest population that is estimated about 85% of Mexican origin and Mexican-Americans in the State of Illinois, President Dominick believed that it was important to celebrate Mexican-American Heritage, and culture in Cicero. Through educational historic publications, cultural events such as art exhibits and lectures featuring Mexican artists, poets, writers, and civic events like the annual Mexican Independence Day Parade, the traditional "Grito", Dia de Los Muertos, Mexican Revolution Day of 1910, La Posada and the Cinco de Mayo President's Cup Soccer Tournament has proven to be critical for our community, especially for our children to appreciate and understand their ancestry.

Our mission is to get in touch with our Mexican heritage and see its historic relevance it has in today's social American culture and share it's rich traditions and history with other communities through educational and civic activities. It is a fundamental need of any society to understands their heritage, roots, and culture to become better productive citizens and contribute to our great melting pot of our nation, the United States of America.